Four Indonesian Tourism Villages Listed in Sustainable Destinations Top 100

Tuesday, 29 October 2019 | 12.14 WIB

Two tourism villages in Bali and two tourism villages in Yogyakarta made the list of the Top 100 Global Sustainable Tourism Destinations made by Global Green Destination Days (GGDD). 

These four villages include the Pemuteran Village (Bali), Penglipuran Village (Bali), Nglanggeran Tourism Village (Yogyakarta) and Pentingsari Village (Yogyakarta). Dadang Rizki Ratman as the Deputy for the Development of Tourism Destinations in MoT, said that these four tourism villages have managed to compete on an international scale because they use and apply international standard guidelines for sustainable tourism destinations. 

“The concept of Penglipuran Village, for example, which was one of the villages listed as one the Sustainable Destinations Top 100, is considered as a village that has managed to maintain its traditions and preserve the environment,” Dadang said. 

“Penglipuran Village has been able to maintain the authenticity of its village management and traditional buildings”, he added. 

Penglipuran Village’s main unique characteristics includes the maintenance of the village’s 75 hectares of bamboo forests and 10 hectares of vegetation. It is also stated that even though the majority of the villagers have adapted a modern lifestyle, the distinctive traditional ambience of the village has not faded away. 

“Now, Penglipuran Village is one of the most popular destinations in Indonesia,” he said. 

The other three villages have also managed to maintain balance in managing their respective tourism villages. The villagers have gained economic benefits by preserving their culture and natural environment. 

The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy’s Expert Staff for Sustainable Tourism Development, Valerina Daniel, added these four tourism villages fall under the categories of environmental conservation, the utilization of the economy for the locals and socio-culture villages. 

“Later, the top destinations on the list of the Sustainable Destinations Top 100 will be invited to accept the ‘Best of Top 100’ award at ITB Berlin 2020,” she said. 

Meanwhile, Head of the Board of Sustainable Tourism I Gede Ardika said that stakeholders, especially local tourism stakeholders in various destinations, will be committed to playing a role in implementing the standards for sustainable tourism. 

In the future, more tourism destinations across Indonesia would be implementing sustainable tourism values. 

“We must collaborate with regional administrations, tourism players and key players in these tourism villages or destinations,” Ardika said. 

The Sustainable Destinations Top 100 Award is an annual event held by the Green Destinations Foundation aimed at presenting sustainable tourism success stories and practices by tourism destinations across the globe. 

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