"People, Planet, Prosperity"


 Do you have what it takes to capture and promote sustainable tourism in Indonesia?
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The Indonesia Sustainable Tourism Photo Competition (ISTPC) 2019 phase II is now open!

If you are fond of photography, travelling, and actively participating in the sustainable lifestyle during your travel, then you might be the one who will win a trip to the magnificent paradise of Raja Ampat through this competition.

The Indonesia Sustainable Tourism Photo Competition 2019 themed “People, Planet and Prosperity” is a photo contest organized by the Ministry of Tourism Indonesia (MOT Indonesia) aimed at promoting the values of sustainable tourism. 

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The UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organization) defines sustainable tourism as tourism that fully takes into account its present and future economic, social, and environmental impacts. At the same time, it has to address the needs of the visitors, the industry, the environment, as well as the local communities. 

Meanwhile, The Ministry of Tourism Indonesia has implemented Sustainable Tourism through a program called Sustainable Tourism for Development (STDev), which prioritizes the following principles: People (Cultural Preservation for People and Visitors), Planet (Environmental Preservation), Prosperity (The Utilization of the Economy for Locals), and Management (The Management of Sustainable Tourism Destinations).

By adhering to these principles and the motto “To Preserve is to Prosper”, Sustainable Tourism in Indonesia is expected to maintain and preserve the Indonesian culture and environment as well as provide many benefits to the nation and its people.

This means that you would have to apply those values into the content submission while actively shows useful contribution. Some of the contributions example are: picking up trash, joining the local traditions, doing social interactions that would give benefit to the communities, and many more.

Read more about sustainable tourism on https://sustainable.indonesia.travel/en/about-us



This second phase of competition will last for a duration of 4 weeks starting at 00:00 hrs (GMT+7) on June 17 2019 and will end at 23:59 hrs (GMT+7) on September 6 2019.


MOT Indonesia will select six (6) winners to win a trip to Raja Ampat, Indonesia, for four days and three nights (4D3N) from September 27 - September 30, 2019.

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  1. Fill out the ISTPC registration form on indonesia.travel
  2. Image standard:
    • Incorporate the value of “People, Planet and Prosperity”.
    • Contains human elements and its activities
    • Example: cleaning the beach, planting rice, joining the local traditions, etc.

  1. Participants can submit vlogs as proof of direct participation in sustainable tourism development in Indonesia to get additional points from judges

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