Tracing the Rhythmic Beauty of North Toraja


Visiting Toraja is always a dream of every tourist, because the charm offered by this place is too dear to pass up. Located in South Sulawesi Province, this area is rich in traditions, culture and local wisdom that are still maintained and carried out to this day.

A journey of approximately eight hours from the city of Makassar will be paid off  as soon as you enter the tourist area in Toraja. Hundreds of years old "Tongkonan" traditional houses will welcome you as if to show off the glory and richness of their culture. Rows of inns and  ethnic hotels to homestays belonging to local residents can be your own choice to complete your trip.

Stayin in Toraja will be like being in another world, because the charm of nature, the richness of its culture and customs held by the people blends in a rhythmic beauty. Traditional ceremonies such as Rambu Solo and Ma’Nene are some of the traditional events that you must attend. The government and the local community work together to arrange a schedule of ceremonies - so that you can easily schedule visits. For a long time, traditional ceremonies with unique rituals have become an attraction you should not miss during the visit to Toraja.

Not only that, historical and cultural tourism areas are well managed so that their nuances and presence still looked original and beautiful. When your eyes struggled with the magnificent row of Kete Kesu, the ancient stone tomb with rows of tau-tau to the Tomb of the Londa Cave were no less showing off their exoticism. You want a sensational nature tourism? Visit the Village above the Clouds where you can watch the sun rise from a height accompanied by a roll of white clouds covering traditional houses with buffalo horns protruding at the ends


Nature and Culture Tourism of North Toraja
One of ISTA 2017 winners - Socio Cultural Category

Destination Highlights

Visit Kete Kesu, a colorful traditional village

The Kete Kesu traditional village is one of the most popular in Indonesia. Visiting this place is recommendable if you want to learn about the culture of the Toraja people.

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