Enjoy World-Class Exotic Beauty at Mandalika


Bali’s neighboring island Lombok is a must on your vacation bucket list. One of the places you should visit while you’re there is the Mandalika Tourism Area managed by the Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC). This area is being developed to become a world-class destination that consists of fun tourism activities for all ages, from natural tourism to cultural tourism activities.

There is a plethora of activities to do at the Mandalika Tourism Area. World-class resorts are ready to pamper you with outstanding facilities. Some areas have even been managed in an environmentally friendly way to support sustainable ecotourism, such as the Eco Park, which is currently being developed. This will surely be an attractive destination for those who want to travel while learning about environmental conservation.

The area is surrounded by various beaches, such as the Kuta Mandalika Beach, Seger Beach, Putri Nyale Beach, Tanjung Aan Beach and other beaches. You’ll feel like you’re in beach paradise once you arrive. This, of course, means thrilling water sports and activities, like surfing the ocean’s challenging waves. Or you can just choose to admire the view of the beach from afar from the top of a hill. The bright blue waters set against the green hills nestling comfortably against the sandy beach will truly be a sight like no other.

There are also many cultural activities you can participate in, such as visiting traditional villages. At Sade Village and Ende Village, you can learn a lot about their local culture and customs. Why not join in on their festivities as well and participate in the annual Bau Nyale Festival, which could be the goal of your visit to Lombok. You’ll definitely enjoy all the warmth and friendliness Lombok’s locals have to offer.


The Mandalika - ITDC
One of ISTA 2018 winners - Governance Category

Website: https://itdc.co.id/the-mandalika/

Destination Highlights

Ride the Waves at Gerupuk beach

Surfing the magnificent waves at the Gerupuk Beach is a must for all surfers. This beach is famous as a paradise for world-class surfers.

Learn about Culture at Sade Village

The Sasak Tribe still upholds its traditions and customs, which have been passed down from generation to generation. At the Sade Tourism Village, you can admire and learn about their architecture, local wisdom, customs up to handicraft.

Mingle with Locals at Bau Nyale Festival

This annual festival held at Tanjung Aan is a cultural ceremony held by the locals. This is where the locals show how grateful they are for all their blessings. Tourists are free to join them during this festival, interact with the locals and participate in the process of gathering the Nyale.

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