Go Local in Nglanggeran


Yogyakarta is always an interesting place to visit because it has a long history of charming elements. One of them is the Nglanggeran Tourism Village in Gunung Kidul Regency. The village located on the slope of an ancient mountain was built and developed in 1999 into an ecotourism area by a village youth organization. It all began with the village youth organization’s efforts in raising awareness and concern for the environment. Now, Nglanggeran is slowly becoming a tourist area that is managed by all components of the village.

The cool air and breathtaking view of the mountains will surely spoil your senses when you are in Nglanggeran. The village upholds the concept of environmental and community-based sustainable tourism that is fully managed by local residents. Therefore, you will be invited to take part in various activities related to community life packaged under various tours, such as adventure tours, educational tours, agricultural tours, green tours, and cultural tours. The tour packages are managed in such a way to give you a truly spectacular holiday that is not only fun and comfortable, but also gives you a chance to get closer to the people of Nglanggeran Village.

If you choose to travel to the fields, you will be invited to accompany the rice farmers and learn to traditionally plow, plant, harvest, and cook rice. Or, you can accompany cocoa farmers and learn about cocoa farming and how the cocoa is processed into original Nglanggeran Village products.

In addition, you can also take part in karawitan (traditional Javanese music) learning packages, wayang puppets, batik workshops, and other Javanese arts. Want something more challenging? You can choose adventure packages to Purba Nglanggeran Volcano or play some sports, such as Flying Fox and Rock Climbing.


Nglanggeran Tourism Village
One of ISTA 2017 winners - Local Economy

Website: http://gunungapipurba.com
e-mail: gunungapipurba@gmail.com
WhatsApp/Phone No: +62 818 0260 6050 (Sugeng)

Destination Highlights

Adventure to Ancient Volcanoes

Enjoying the sensation of sunrise or sunset from ancient volcanoes at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level will be a luxury in itself. Charming!

Farming with The Experts

Want to know how to plant, harvest, and processing rice? In Nglanggeran you can learn all that with the village farmers.

Get to know Javanese culture

Visitors can take part in a Javanese culture lesson package, especially Yogyakarta, starting from manners, musical arts and Jathilan.

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