Capture the Beauty of Sumatra’s Wild Forest at Tangkahan


Experience a different kind of Sumatran adventure at the Tangkahan ecotourism destination located in North Sumatra Province near the Mount Leuser National Park. This ecotourism site was established in 2001 as a part of the local community’s effort in revitalizing the ecosystem through environmentally based tourism activities.

Have a blast learning and exploring Tangkahan! The activities prepared by the local community are aimed at preserving and protecting the forest and wildlife, such as elephants, tigers and other endangered species. You’ll kick off your journey into this hidden area by crossing the river on a bamboo raft like Indiana Jones! Then, once you enter Tangkahan, a cozy village nestled in the midst of Sumatra’s lush and exotic forest will warmly welcome you.

You can choose to take part in various types of activities during your stay, starting from a visit to the Elephant Camp up to trekking in the forest and observing the supervision of wildlife. At the Elephant Camp, you can have fun bathing the elephants and feeding them as if they were your own pet. Or, you can start on a journey through the forest while riding an elephant while a guide tells you details about elephants and efforts to conserve them.

If you love knowledge, then learn about the importance of environmentally based tourism from the tour guides and local residents because Tangkahan is an example of how this concept has been successfully implemented. The people managed to convert an area that was prone to having the trees illegally cut down to an ecotourism area that many enjoy. Some other activities you can enjoy here are river tubing, exploring caves and bathing in the natural hot water bath.


Ekowisata Tangkahan
One of ISTA 2018 winners - Environment category

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Destination Highlights

Friendly Elephants at Elephant Camp

This is where you can participate in various activities related to elephants, such as bathing them, feeding them up to learning about how wildlife are protected at the Mount Leuser National Park.

Trek through the Forest and Learn about Nature

Explore Tangkahan’s forest and uncover various types of flora and fauna endemic to the region.

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