Pujon Kidul Tourism Village, Bringing You Closer to Nature


If you’re looking for a serene vacation near Malang, then you should drop by the Pujon Kidul Tourism Village located to the west of Batu City. Here, you will not only be introduced to the villagers and their daily activities, but you will also get the opportunity to get closer to nature. The Pujon Kidul Tourism Village is known as a beautiful region blessed with the cool climate of the mountains and rich natural surroundings. Being in this village will relieve you from all your big city life tensions as you enjoy the simplicity of village life.

The local administration and residents have managed the village in a creative way to allow you to participate in daily activities and see what it feels like to be a local villager. You can go farming, make fertilizer, process farming products up to learn how to breed cattle. The villagers have packaged these activities to make them extremely fun for you.

Aside from being a villager for a day, you can also choose to participate in many other activities, such a trekking through the mountains and exploring waterfalls for a more adrenaline pumping adventure. You can also relax by sipping a cup of tea or coffee in one of the village’s cafes while you enjoy the lush view of nature. There are many outdoor cafes and restaurants that could satiate your thirst and hunger while you enjoy a pleasant view, starting from a restaurant at the end of a fishing pond, in the middle of a plantation up to ta café set against a backdrop of the mountain and highland.

Want to make new friends? Then choose to spend the night at one of the homestays provided by the villagers. You’ll be entranced by their friendliness and gain a new pen pal or two.


Pujon Kidul Tourism Village
One of ISTA 2018 winners - Local Economy Category
Destination Highlights

A Special Meal in the Middle of a Plantation

This café comprised of a number of small houses in the midst of a plantation offers a unique dining experience.

Learn How to Farm and Breed with Villagers

Want to learn about the local villagers’ technology? Then participate in a variety of activities, starting from farming to breeding and processing natural ingredients into ready-made food products.

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