Relive How Indonesians Spent their Childhood at Cinangneng Tourism Village


The Cinangneng Tourism Village in Bogor, West Java, is offering an interesting educational tourism experience. When the hectic city feels suffocating, then take a breather by going to a serene and peaceful village. This is what Cinangneng has to offer. Here, you’ll be invited to take part in an array of nostalgic Indonesians activities, such as playing traditional musical instruments, singing, dancing up to learning about the daily lives of the local villagers. You will also have a chance to learn about the Sundanese culture and other types of cultures, such as Javanese culture. The Cinangneng Tourism Village is a culture-based tourism experience as an effort to preserve the community’s local wisdom.

Located on the bank of the Cinangneng River, this authentic village will warmly welcome your arrival. Most of the people working there are locals that that will guide you through various types of activities, such as bathing buffalos in the river, creating dolls from leaves, learning the traditional Jaipong dance, learning how to play the Gamelan (musical instrument) up to cooking traditional food. All of these activities have been packaged in such away that they will definitely be fun and exciting for people of all ages.

There are also several tour packages available for those traveling in groups or with family. How about the “Kampung Tour” (Village Tour) where you can visit all of the villages surrounding the Cinangneng Tourism Village and interact with local villagers while you observe their daily activities. Want to get some R&R? Then come stay at the guesthouse. This is the perfect place for you to feel the soothing experience of a village life!


Cinangneng Tourism Village
One of ISTA 2018 winners - Local Economy Category
Destination Highlights

Travel to Villages, Make New Friends

Meet and interact with local villagers and observe, and perhaps participate, in their daily activities.

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