Plataran L’Harmonie, West Bali’s Garden of The Gods


Located in the middle of the West Bali National Park, Plataran L 'Harmonie has an amazing natural beauty that is second to none. This hotel presents a sensation of tourism that does not only focus on the beauty of nature, but also contributes to the protection and preservation of flora and fauna in the place.

When visiting Plataran L’Harmonie, you will be surprised by its unique topography and existing biodiversity. However, you’ll have to undergo quite a challenging journey first before you can reach the area. With a maximum speed of 10 km/hour, you’ll have to walk along the rocky road for about 4 kilometers in order to reach the resort. But once you arrive, you will be amazed and overjoyed by the surrounding scenery. The nuances of the wild combined with the splendor of the Plataran L’Harmonie resort will be luxurious yet challenging sensation.

Each villa is has its own with garden and a pool that face the ocean providing you with a breathtaking view that will always please your eyes. The resort’s luxurious pleasures also come with efforts in preserving the environment. As a visitor, you must comply with a number of policies in order to show your responsibility to the environment. Some of these policies are no hunting, no fishing without permission, and no tree cutting. These policies apply to visitors as well as local residents and tourism managers.

With more than 175 species of flora and 167 species of fauna ranging from the Bali Starling, Menjangan (deer), Banteng Liar (wild bull), to Black squirrels, this area is a paradise for those who love wildlife tours. Not only that, Plataran L'Harmonie is a pioneer area of ​​sustainable tourism management that focuses on ecotourism activities. In collaboration with local communities, this area provides various tourism activities as well as environmental education facilities for interested visitors.

If you are interested in the world of research and conservation, community development and sustainable tourism, Plataran L’Harmonie has a Scientific, Education and Research Center (SERC) where you can contribute to educational activities and share knowledge about related topics. In addition, there are numerous tourism activities that are interesting, challenging but still environmentally friendly. You can choose to sail by private yacht, take a safari tour in a tourist park while looking at the flora and fauna of West Bali, as well as do underwater sports like snorkeling and diving.


Plataran L 'Harmonie
One of ISTA 2017 winners - Governance Category


Destination Highlights

Visit the Bali Starling Protection Area

Through the Bali Starling breeding program at the Plataran Bali Starling Sanctuary, visitors are invited to see and contribute to efforts to protect endangered animals, Bali Starling.

Share your knowledge at SERC

By participating in Scientific, Education and Research Center (SERC), visitors are welcome to learn and exchange experiences on conservation and biodiversity with experts in their fields.

Plataran Private Cruise

The cruise tourism is not only aims to introduce the natural beauty of the sea in West Bali, but also teaches about the protection and preservation of these marine life.

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