Three in One at Nihi Sumba, Nihiwatu


The beach, the hills, and the forest are usually far from one another and it is rare to find all three elements in one area, which would be an incredible destination. Well, at Nihi Sumba in Nihiwatu, all of these elements are available for you to enjoy, making this a uniquely incredible destination. This magnificent resort is located on top of a hill that directly faces cliffs and the beach. Meanwhile, a lush forest lurks on top of the hills making this place a unique combination of natural elements. Here is where you can enjoy all of these three alluring and beautiful elements in one place.

There are many activities to do in Nihi Sumba. You will be able to gain the satisfaction of becoming one with nature, learning about culture and making friends with the locals. Once you step foot upon this place, you will be pampered with the resort’s special service, which is one of the best in the world. Each villa is rich in a luxurious ambience that features local traits because they have been meticulously designed to cater to those who desire a private and pleasurable vacation. You can choose from a number of villas that include amazing facilities, such as a mini bar, canopy bed and many more.

In addition, you can participate in many unique activities available at the site. Nihi Sumba offers tourism activities that are not just fun, but are also educational and aimed at preserving the environment to support the concept of sustainable tourism. Explore the beauty of Sumba culture by going on a cultural tour, visiting traditional villages, up to participating in traditional ceremonies or watching the thrilling Pasola competition where locals battle on horses using wooden spears as weapons. You can also enjoy a tour to Sumba’s cocoa plantation and learn about how the local experts produce chocolate. Are more into social activities? Then participate in the Sumba Foundation’s activities managed by Nihi Sumba. This is where you’ll have a chance to get involved in social activities in the field of education and child healthcare.

Craving for a more exciting adventure? Then go trekking to explore the many waterfalls hidden amongst the cliffs in Sumba or ride a bicycle around the hills to get your heart pumping. Snorkeling, diving or surfing on Nihiwatu Beach are, of course, great options as well. Let your eyes feast on the beauty of the ocean’s treasures and then top off your day by going horseback riding on the beach while you enjoy the sun slowly plunging into the Indian Ocean.


Nihi Sumba, Nihiwatu
General Champion of ISTA 2018
Destination Highlights

Excursion on Land and Sea

There are many activities to choose from starting from trekking through the hills to waterfalls, a tour of the local market up to activities offered by the Sumba Foundation.

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