Enjoy Nature in Comfort at The Lodge Maribaya


You will never get bored of spending you holiday in Bandung while you explore its surroundings. The next time you’re there, skip on over to The Lodge Maribaya for a different kind of experience in nature. This venue offers a fun and comfortable camping experience, or what is popularly known as Glamping or Glamorous Camping.

Located on the highlands of the Cibodas area, the mountain’s cool air will make you feel welcome once you enter the site. You can choose from one of the rows of onion-shaped tents decorate The Lodge Camp to make your stay more pleasurable. Or, you can also opt to stay in one of the classic Javanese-style traditional homes in The Lodge Village area. The employees, which are mostly comprised of locals, are here to ensure that you have a pleasant and comfortable stay. The place was designed to promote local wisdom, which makes The Lodge Maribaya one of the region’s icons.

Plus, The Lodge Maribaya was specifically designed to provide visitors with a comfortable and modern venue for camping. There are many supporting facilities to make your stay more enjoyable, such as the Selfie Spot, Hanging Bicycles, Swing on the Mountains up to a Hot Air Balloon Ride.

Exploring the area’s various attractions will surely build up an appetite, so hop on over to The Pines Café or Omah Bamboo Restaurant to enjoy a delicious meal. Want to snack on some local treats? Then roam around the array of food stalls neatly placed in the midst of a village ambience just waiting for you to come and sample them. You shouldn’t miss tasting some of these scrumptious treats.


Lodge Maribaya
One of ISTA 2018 winners - Local Economy Category
Website: https://www.thelodgemaribaya.com/id/home-2/
E-mail: info@thelodgemaribaya.com
Destination Highlights

Stay at the Onion Tents

Participate in a unique camping experience by staying in one of the onion-shaped tents equipped with various facilities making you feel like you’re staying in a hotel room. Fun and comfortable!

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