Explore Arborek, West Papua’s Exotic Village


If you ever visit West Papua, then take the opportunity to visit the small village of Arborek, located in the area of the Dampier Strait. This mini village with a population of only some 200 people is one of the tourism villages that has successfully upheld the concept of sustainable tourism through local community-based policies related to the conservation of the ocean.

Be amazed at how this village truly depicts how simplicity is truly a sight to behold. Upon entering the village, you will be invited to directly interact with the locals living in this amazing and exotic village because the homestays are the homes of the local residents. There is not one single piece of trash in sight because the locals are strict when it comes to the cleanliness and beauty of their environment.

The people of Arborek are very friendly and welcome tourists with arms wide open. Some will even be happily willing to be your local guide during your stay there. You can enjoy a tour of the village or participate in the activities of the locals, such as weaving or even catching sea cucumbers (Holothuroidea) when the tide is low.

This village is truly blessed with outstanding nature in both the ocean and on land. You’ll be mesmerized by the white sandy beaches set against the clear blue sea. When you look into the water, you’ll be amazed at how the crystal clear waters plainly reveal the secret treasures underneath. It’s no wonder why Arborek is often considered as a small paradise for those who adore diving or snorkeling.

Aside from breathtaking tropical treats, the people of Arborek are also blessed with rich art and culture. Don’t forget to grab a distinctive souvenir, such as a bag or hat weaved from leaves or tree bark, before you leave this mini paradise. Plus, you can also see the locals create these beautiful handicrafts and observe the collection displayed in some of the stores. But wait, that’s not all! This is also the perfect place for a unique culinary experience. Sample some Papeda or Sinole while you’re there. Aside from being able to taste some goodness, you can also see how these delicious treats are made.


Arborek Tourism Village, Raja Ampat
One on ISTA 2017 winners - Local Economy Category

Destination Highlights

Tour around Arborek Village

A tour of this small attractive island is a fun and pleasurable activity. Visitors can explore the exotic island while mingling with the locals.

Explore the Underwater Biota or Raja Ampat

Diving is a must for those visiting the Arborek Tourism Village. The region’s rich biodiversity will give you a different experience and perspective each time to you dive in this area.

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