Get Closer to the People at Pentingsari Village


If you need a cool, calm and comfortable ambience, then come to the Pentingsari Tourism Village in Sleman Regency, the Special Region of Yogyakarta. Located right on the slope of Mount Merapi, this village always maintains a cool climate. There are many activities to enjoy and sceneries to admire at the village that was established as a tourism village in 2008.

This is the perfect place for those who crave a serene getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. You’ll be able to enjoy a cultural and environmental holiday at Pentingsari Village. There are many tourism activities available aimed at sustaining the local social and cultural activities. Mingle with the local community and participate in various traditional and cultural activities, such as plowing the fields, harvesting crops, fishing, learning to play the karawitan (a local traditional instrument) up to learning a traditional Javanese dance.

On certain occasions, you will also be able to participate in events or festivals held by the villagers. Moreover, you can also participate in historical tours of the region, such as a tour of Mount Merapi’s lava, Kaliurang area, and a tour of the location a battle where Prince Diponegoro participated in.

Want to learn something interesting? Participate in the session on learning about herbal medicine and organic vegetables with the locals. This is where you will be introduced with Pentingsari Village’s various types of herbal medicine, recognize their benefits and learn about the process of creating them. Don’t forget to buy some of these herbal medicine as a souvenir or for yourself at the herbal medicine store managed by the locals.


Pentingsari Village, Sleman
One of ISTA 2017 winners - Local Economy Category


Destination Highlights

Understanding Javanese Culture

There are many interesting activities to do here, such as creating wayang (puppets), batik, Javanese arrows, weaving coconut leaves up to learning about traditional Javanese music.

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