Explore the Harau Valley and Discover Sumatra’s Exotic Nature


If you happen to be in Bukittinggi or Padang City in West Sumatra, then you should make time to travel to the Harau Valley in Lima Puluh Kota Regency. Be prepared to be greeted by the mesmerizing towering granite cliffs standing 150-200 meters tall waiting to greet you. Get inspired by visions of the streams of water wriggling through stunning lush plantations or the sun’s rays reflected through stones in the form of magnificent shadows in the morning and late afternoon.

The Harau Valley has long been recognized as one of the most beautiful valleys in Indonesia. The wavy hills, exotic flora and fauna and stunning panorama will continue to fascinate you. Aside from enjoying the view of strong cliffs left behind by the earth’s geological activities, you can also admire various types of tropical plants and exotic wildlife, such as the Long-tailed Macaque (Macaca fascirulatis).

Locals and the government continue to preserve the beatuy of the Harau Valley, which is evident through various environmental preservation activities. There are also many cultural festivals held on certain days in the region.

In addition, the valley also contains seven captivating waterfalls you can swim and play around in. However, climbers would probably be the most enthusiastic people to travel here because its cliffs and perfect for those who love a challenge: they’re steep and reflect sound!

There are many resorts, lodgings and other tourism facilities available to make your stay more pleasant and unforgettable. If you love making friends, then opt to stay in a homestay, which is a home of one of the local residents. Aside from being much more affordable, this would allow you to get a better understanding of the region and its local cultures because you would be able to directly interact with the people of Harau Valley and perhaps make a new friend or two.

Wondering what else you can do here? Well, the government and local community have prepared various types of attractions and activities to make your stay more exciting. From flying bicycles, hot air balloons to designated photo areas, there is so much to choose from. You can also choose to dress up in the traditional attire of the locals and take pictures in exotic areas, such as the traditional Rumah Gadang house, valley’s landscape, towering cliffs up to the manmade lake.


Harau Valley
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Destination Highlights

Explore the Valley’s Tourism Attractions

Enjoy cycling in the air, taking pictures with unique backgrounds in traditional wear and riding high in a hot air balloon. These are just a few of the things you can enjoy in the exotic Harau Valley.

Angels Bathing at the Sarasah Bunta Waterfall

This waterfall is unique because when it’s reflected by the sunlight, it makes it seem like there is an angel bathing in the waters.

Dare to Climb

Known as Indonesia’s version of the Yosemite, the valley’s steep cliffs with an angle of up to 90 degrees is surely a challenge for expert climbers.

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Explore the Harau Valley and Discover Sumatra’s Exotic Nature

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