Bring Your Kids to Learn and Play at the Taman Safari Park Indonesia


Once you step foot upon the Taman Safari Indonesia Bogor (Safari Theme Park), you will be greeted by the cool air of the mountains. Taman Safari Bogor is Indonesia’s first safari park and the pioneer of rare wildlife conservation activities in the nation. This is an extremely attractive place for families to have fun, learn and play along with various types of wildlife.

Nowadays, over 2,500 types of wildlife from across the globe roam around in Taman Safari Indonesia Bogor’s 168-hectare land. From tigers, giraffes, lions, orangutans, pandas and many others, here is where you’ll find a plethora of animals to observe and play with. This area has been established as an educational and recreational facility for visitors.

Start your journey by traveling around the venue to observe the wildlife up close. Each area is constructed to be as similar as possible as the original habitat of each animal. The animals are free to roam around their respective areas in the safari. They are, of course, strictly supervised and protected to ensure the safety of both the animals and the visitors. You can opt to use your own personal vehicle or the safari’s bus to travel around the venue. Guests are also allowed to feed some selected animals and interact with them.

But that’s not all! Taman Safari Indonesia also has over 20 rides and games and nine performances to entertain visitors. The bonus is aside from being extremely fun, these games, rides and performances are also educational. Visitors can have fun while they learn about how rare animals are protected.


Taman Safari Indonesia, Bogor
One of ISTA 2017 winners - Governance Category 


Destination Highlights

Enjoying the View from Above

You can also enjoy the Taman Safari Indonesia’s outstanding scene from above by riding a hot air balloon! Each ride lasts for 10 minutes.

45 Minutes in the Wild

Taman Safari Indonesia’s main attraction is the 45-minute journey in “the wild” where visitors ride a vehicle to explore and get a close up view of the safari’s collection of rare wildlife. Visitors can choose to ride in their personal vehicle or use the safari’s public bus.

Learn from Educational Performances

There are nine performances played throughout the day every one to two hours. Visitors can choose to see various types of performances, such as the Tiger Show, Elephant Show, Safari Theatre, Globe of Death and others.

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Bring Your Kids to Learn and Play at the Taman Safari Park Indonesia

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